David's Pathfinder Campaign

Episode 2 - Exploring Darkmoon Vale

With the use of the map provided the party made its way to the Elder Darkwood Tree. It’s cathedral of boughs dominated the clearing and dwarfed the surrounding trees. Briar quickly located a large quantity of the elder wood moss laurel needs for her potential cure. Just as Briar knelt to gather the moss however, a massive lizard like creature pounced from the nearest branches and attempted to entangle her. She deftly avoided the creature’s embrace and the party made quick work of the Tatzlwyrm, with Hrothgar making a massive blow that severed the creature’s upper and lower halves. Three bodies were found in the trees, containing some valuables.

Continuing deeper into the vale, the party then located Ulizmila’s seemingly abandoned hut. After kicking in the door, the party began to search Ulizmila’s scattered belongings for any sign of Rat’s tail root. In response to the disturbance, a large black cauldron sprang to life and attempted to swallow the nearest members of the group whole. Amidst the commotion, Daleton seemed to forget entirely about his new found magical powers, instead opting to thwack at the cauldron with his staff to no effect. The rest of the party managed to compose themselves with the aid of Taeryn’s inspiring (and catchy) melodies. After a few failed swings by Hrothgar and the cauldron, the party finally managed to smash the odd opponent into pieces. A further search of the hut revealed a good quantity of Rat’s tail root as well as a magical shrunken head.

Continuing on their way, the group chanced across a giant moorsnake. Wary of the threat the lethargic constrictor might pose if encountered during the night, our champion’s attacked. The snake and Hrothgar both took a chunk out of one another, but Daleton, remembering that he was indeed a wizard, released an explosive flash of power that knocked out the unfortunate reptile along with most of his companions. Taeryn decided to release the creature into the wild, and it slithered into the brush to nurse its wounds.

After another days travel, the party has arrived at the abandoned monastery known as Droskar’s Crucible. Little is known of the dwarves that lived here, but an inspection of one of the statue’s outside revealed an inscription that read “All praise to __” with the name having been scraped out of the stone.


Warder20 Warder20

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