David's Pathfinder Campaign

Episode 1 - Falcon's Hollow

The party chatted with Ronaldo Leone around the camp fire. The first day of their journey they encountered 3 vagabond orcs, who were immediately attacked by Hrothgar. The party put the orcs down quickly, though Hrothgar and Solaire suffered serious wounds. They recovered the body of a traveler from Falcon’s Hollow (Flint).

Arriving and Falcon’s Hollow, the streets were oddly deserted and they discovered from the Tavern Owner that there was an outbreak of Black Scour Taint. He knew little about the disease but told them to talk to Laurel the herbalist. Daleton is dismayed to find that his grandchildren have the early symptoms of Black Scour Taint. After shoving their way through the crowd outside Laurel’s Roots and Remedies, they speak with Laurel and she eventually tells them that there is a recipe in her grandmother’s spell book that may be of use. She needs 3 ingredients in order to make it though:
1. Elderwood Moss – found only on the oldest tree in the forest
2. Rats Tail Root – perhaps the old witch in the forest has some?
3. Ironbloom Mushrooms – grow in amongst iron, most likely found in the old dwarves ruins North of the lake

Laurel, Ronaldo and one of the lumber camp workers provide direction to the locations of the ingredients. The party makes their way into the forest, past the lumber camp. During the first night of their journey, a winged shape is spotted in the sky, but the party is undisturbed.

(Feel free to add any details of your own to my posts!)


I love how you have a character named Solaire (praise the sun!) and Hrothgar in this game!

Episode 1 - Falcon's Hollow
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