Slithering like a large snake, this creature has the
head of a dragon and a pair of clawed arms to
help it move along and grasp prey. A sickly green
mist wafts from its open maw.


A whelp race of dragonkind, tatzlwyrms
lurk amid the deepest wilds of the natural
world. Although they lack many of the
qualities of true dragons—most notably
wings and powerful breath weapons—their
instinctual cunning and innate ferocity
is not diminished by their size. Feral yet
patient hunters, tatzlwyrms spend most of
their time lying in wait for prey, uncaring
of whether it takes the form of deer, wolves,
or men.
Possessing the same hoarding compulsion
as their better-known draconic cousins,
tatzlywryms collect the remains of their
hunts, the eldest accumulating morbid
troves of bones and debris. Incidentally,
heavily gnawed equipment and forgotten
treasures often lie littered among these
grim hoards, even although the dragonkin
have no use for such wealth.
Innately stealthy and uncomfortable in
open areas, tatzlwyrms are rarely seen, and
in many regions are thought to be little
more than local legends. As such, folkloric
rumors persist of their weird abilities and
common haunts, tales only verified when
the foolish or unsuspecting intrude upon
these aloof creatures’ far-flung lairs. It’s
not uncommon for the residents of isolated
communities to attribute the disappearance
of hunters or travelers to “The
tatzlwyrms getting’ em.”
Several breeds of tatzlwyrms exist. The
most-commonly encountered—although
still quite rare—variety lurks amid the tangled
hearts of ancient forests, while more
elusive wyrms purportedly dwell within
mountain crags, treacherous shoals, and
deep underground. Although seemingly
not intelligent enough to discern the
historic importance of such sites, tatzlwyrms
are oddly attracted to natural places
of great age and primeval strength. What
connection these strange dragons might
have to these


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